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Name:Hockey RPF
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:Hockey fic!
Fic, picspams, primers, art, recs, meta, etc. all welcome. Poke me if you need a new tag--I catch most of them, but sometimes I miss a post or forget to add a contributor tag for a new member. Here's a list of all the hockey primers I've found so far, and here's where authors and betas can find each other.

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andrew ladd, blackhawks, brent seabrook, bruins, canucks, carey price, creepy-ass puppets named slappy, douchebag hockey players, duncan keith, eric staal, fandom, fic, high-sticking (the kids are calling it these days), hockey, hurricanes, jeff skinner, jonathan toews, jordan eberle, keslurking, ladd/kesler hatesex, manly embraces, nhl, not talking about feelings, oilers, patrick kane, patrick sharp, penguins, pk subban, popsicle-fellating contests, rangers, ryan kesler, saying "boom" like a dipshit when you score, sharks, sid's secret roboticism, sidney crosby, skating, taylor hall, the stanley cup, tricks (hat and otherwise), we're bringing sharpy back, whalers oh wait or not
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